Guess who’s back!

The #MadeWithHope team are back together in Tanzania, and they’re ready for a fight against poverty!


Since arriving just under a fortnight ago, they have already been involved in some great experiences. These include creating folders of each child so we are able to keep records of how they’re doing in our orphanage, buying fruit and vegetables to give the children the nutrients they need, and even an arts and crafts day!


A helping hand for hygenic hands…


Their latest achievement has been the building of Tippy Taps! As you can setippy-tape in the picture of Eleanor using one that’s already up and running, these are a great way to improve the hygiene of the children in our school. This is because they will be able to wash their hands without spreading germs by touching anything!

Each one of these costs just £15 to make. They are also made out of local iron that will last many years, and also aids local business, as we always strive to do.

If anybody would like to buy one for £15 in the next week you can head over to our website where you can donate:

On top of the knowledge that you’re helping to improve the health and well-being of the children in Tanzania, you will also be able to see pictures of yours up and running on the Facebook page!


Let us know in the comments section what you think and if you’ve managed to purchase one of these wonderful Tippy Taps!


Our ‘Let us Learn’ project is LIVE!

Here at #MadeWithHope we have some very exciting news… The building of our Secondary School has begun! This is crucial progress to break the cycle of poverty the children are trapped in, and best of all, it’s all thanks to you.

And it gets even better!


Your donations, which are helping us to build our school, go even further than you may have realized. This is because we use local builders, who use local materials, which has an amazingly positive knock on effect within the whole community! In this way, we are not only helping the children, but everyone to realize a brighter future.

It has also been proven that twice the money stays in the community when local trading occurs, meaning this will continue to have a positive effect in the future as well.

We’re so thankful for their hard work and they are thankful for us using local people.


You have the chance to make a real impact to these children’s futures, as well as the wider community. We’re determined to not let them down, so if you’d like to join us then you can donate here

We also have many fair-trade items for sale in our online shop. Check it out and see what you think!

Back To School

So it’s that imagestime of year again; Summer’s coming to a close, and the new school year is quickly approaching. Typically, this period is met with mixed emotions from students who may be busy excitedly shopping for new stationary whilst also wishing their summer break could last forever!

Among all this, it’s important to recognise that not all children have the privilege of an education. In fact, only 30% of Tanzanian children attend secondary school. Although this may seem appealing over here, where the focus is often on socializing with friends or watching TV during our spare time, this is not the case with the students at CHETI Primary school. They are in love with their school and are eager to learn at any time of the day!

Unfortunately, when the children have graduated from Primary school (usually around 14 years old) they have to consider committing to the 8km journey to a local government school which is overcrowded and has a low quality of education. They often choose to stay at home and work because the journey, especially in rainy season, is so difficult.


Here at #MadeWithHope we are now working towards our new project ‘Let Us Learn’. Education is vital to a prosperous future, and for that reason we are working towards our goal of raising £20,000 to build a strong, sustainable school.

It will be kitted out with desks, learning equipment, stationary and all the other classroom necessities. Plus, each child will get a new uniform for them to wear with pride.

If you feel like getting involved and helping these children face a brighter future, please visit our shop. Here, you will have the opportunity to buy some of the equipment which will be used by these wonderful children when the secondary school is up and running!

As always, 100% any donation goes directly to our projects, and we’d love to hear about it in the comments section below if you do decide to get involved or purchase anything from our shop.


Meet Eleanor – Made With Hope’s founder!

In anticipation of this year’s #InternationalDayOfCharity on the 5th of September, I would like to introduce #MadeWithHope’s wonderful founder, Eleanor Riley!


At just 18 years old Eleanor decided to set up this fantastic charity, which helps to improve the lives of children living in poverty in Tanzania, Africa.

“I just didn’t feel okay with knowing that there was children out there that didn’t have the things I see as basic necessities – food, water, education and shelter.” – Eleanor

 Made With Hope are dedicated to helping as many children in poverty as possible. We won’t be stopping anytime soon and will continue to grow, creating more partnerships in African countries and trying to give these children all the basic things that we often take for granted.

This day is a perfect time for us to all think about what charity means to us. Eleanor believes that it simply means to help in any way you can. Whether it’s donating that change in your pocket to a good cause, to spreading the awareness of our work to encourage more support. Charity doesn’t have to mean money – you can be charitable on a daily basis for free, and we’d love to hear about any of your personal efforts.


Eleanor and Zuma, the director of CHETI NGO in Tanzania, and our wonderful partner. His advice and guidance has made us able to carry out really successful projects in his local villages whilst avoiding the common problem of western “Saviors” coming to poor countries in Africa and trying to “fix” things that may not have needed fixing.

If you feel inspired by Eleanor’s amazing commitment, then why not take a look at all the different ways in which you can get involved and help for this year’s #InternationalDayOfCharity on our website.

Simply sharing this to spread the word about Made With Hope’s life changing work is an easy and effective way to support this rewarding charity!

Why donate with us?

The 2016 Charity Commission study into public trust and confidence in charities has found that the “overall level of trust and confidence in charities has fallen to 5.7 out of 10” which is a significant fall from 2012’s figure of 6.7.

They found that this decrease is as a result of factors including media stories about deceitful charities, as well as a lack of knowledge about how charities spend their donations.

Thankfully,#MadeWithHope are devoted to restoring your faith!

100% goodness

For one, we have a 100% Donation Prophecy, meaning that that every penny you donate goes straight to the cause, and has a directly positive impact upon the lives of the wonderful children in our orphanage.

On top off this, we always keep you up-to-date! We make it easy for you to track your donation every step of the way. By doing this, we can prove exactly where your donation has gone.

We also have a number of ways in which you can donate. Why not visit our shop or read more about our ‘Buy a Brick’ campaign, where you’ll see your money go directly towards building Made With Hope’s school in Tanzania, Africa.

Comment below to let us know your thoughts on these latest statistics, as well as Made With Hope’s efforts to make charity trustworthy again!





Young People: Driving Change



The Road to 2030: Eradicating Poverty and Achieving Sustainable Consumption and Production

This Friday, the 12th of August, it’s International #YouthDay. 2016’s theme focuses on the leading role of the efforts of young people in ensuring poverty eradication and achieving sustainable development. Here at #MadeWithHope we are committed to these values, and work towards them within all of our projects.

With 1.8 billion young people (persons between the ages of 15 and 24 years, as defined by the United Nations) on our planet, they are clearly a highly powerful group. This, combined with their confidence and imaginative initiative, highlights their powerful position to make positive changes.

Unfortunately, many young people live in underdeveloped countries, where they are faced with conflict and poverty, reducing their opportunities to get involved in creating a sustainable future. This is something that we’re committed to changing!

Forever Food

Our latest project here at #MadeWithHope is ‘Forever Food’, where we are striving to decrease the mass problem of malnutrition in the rural villages that we work in. Providing the children in our orphanage with a balanced diet will ensure they are able to grow into healthy adults through a sustainable food source. To do this, we decided to start a food programme for the wonderful children in our orphanage.

Already, we have been able to provide them with hens so they are able to eat eggs every week. This will provide them with valuable protein to aid their growth. They enjoy looking after them and also enjoy eating their eggs, especially because they’d never had a boiled egg before!


Next on the agenda is to buy some land and cultivate it with our tractor to grow food ourselves for the orphanage and to sell to raise money for the children. If you’d like to help support these future projects then please donate here.


The referendum, CHANGE and #MadeWithHope!


Are you #voteleave or #votestay ?

It’s the biggest topic of conversation around at the moment! The EU referendum, which will take place on Thursday 23rd of June, has caused massive debate surrounding whether or not Britain should leave the European Union.

Change is the focus for many of the arguments within this debate. Will Britain change for the better or worse if #Brexit is the outcome? Overall, it is fair to say that much of this is based on speculation, as no one really knows. Despite this, change is inevitable in one way or another as a result of this referendum.

Here at Made With Hope we have a continuous focus on change. This is clearly shown through the amazing changes we have made to the lives of the amazing children in the orphanage which we, with the help of people just like you, raised the funds to build. We are committed to continuing this vital work to improve the lives of others, such as through our project which is aimed at building a secondary school for the children we work with in Tanzania.

Achieving this goal will undeniably change the children’s lives immensely. After all, education is a key driving force for change. It will provide the children with more opportunities and a brighter future.

Big change happens every time people donate and get involved with Made With Hope’s wonderful cause!

Whilst considering the changes which we can encourage or prevent, through the use of our vote this Thursday, it is also incredibly important that we take the time to think about the change we have the ability to make for the good of others.

Donating or getting involved in volunteering with us is a way you can be sure you’ve made a good decision! If you’d like to find out more please visit our website by clicking the link below.

Among all the uncertainty, one thing is for sure- Made With Help need your support to change the lives of the wonderful children which we work with.

Feel free to let us know what your views are on the #EUreferendum by commenting below, and how you think the result could affect charities like us.






Volunteers’ Week 2016


This week, we’re celebrating the often unrecognized, amazing work of volunteers!

Volunteers’ Week is an annual event which takes place at the start of June,  celebrating the contribution made by millions of volunteers across the UK.

Made With Hope is a fantastic charity to volunteer for. They always appreciate our work which makes it feel even more worthwhile, on top of the amazing knowledge that our work is helping to fight against poverty in Africa!

downloadI am currently at university, and I love volunteering as it is a way to switch off from the stress of studying, whilst also contributing in a positive way. I find blogging to be a great way to volunteer for me as I can do it anytime and anyplace.

A recent survey showed that UK charitable organisations have doubled their supporters on through the use of social media. As a small local charity, social media is incredibly important to us to gain a wider following and raise money for our fantastic work. This is a great way to get involved with voluntary work, as many people think they would struggle to fit it in.

Volunteers Week this year is running at the same time as the BBC’s Do Something Great! season of programmes, which are a fantastic opportunity for us all to raise the profile of volunteering and celebrate volunteering in all its forms.

Comment below to let us know how you’re getting involved!

If you would like to know more information on how to volunteer for such a rewarding charity then please click here.

#MadeWithHope #Volunteering #NationalVolunteerWeek



WE reognise the importance of FAIRTRADE

chains two

How YOU can get involved with World Fair Trade Day whilst also helping our wonderful charity…


Happy #FairTradeDay! The 14th of May celebrates the World Fair Trade Organisation’s fantastic work. They believe that trade must benefit the most vulnerable and deliver sustainable livelihoods by developing opportunities especially for small and disadvantaged producers.

This years campaign involves the celebration of this day through the formation of human chains across the world! Fair Traders will all take a break and go outside to celebrate on a global scale.

The chains they will form are symbolic of solidarity with the people, groups and institutions that are making positive change and continue to make a difference in the lives of others, community and the planet. The World Fair Trade Organisation recognizes these individuals as all being Agents for Change!

If you too would like to be an Agent for Change there are a number of different ways in which you can get involved. Ideas range from creating posters to simply using the hashtags  #FairTradeDay  #AgentForChange which they utilise to widen visibility and awareness.

As well as these, you may be interested in some ideas surrounding different ways which you can support this global campaign, whilst also supporting our smaller, local charity.

Here at Made with Hope, we recognize the importance of Fair-Trade everyday. We aim to improve the everyday lives of the children in our orphanage in Tanzania through all of our projects, whilst also improving the livlihoods of the whole community.

One example lies with our project which aims to build a secondary school for our wonderful children. This is critically needed in the local rural villages for the students to break the cycle of poverty they are trapped in. It will not only provide the 400 Primary school students with an amazing education, it can also protect the girls from forced marriages, early pregnancy, and a life of hardship.

To achieve this, we need to raise £20,000 to build a strong, sustainable school. It will be kitted out with desks, learning equipment, stationary and all the other classroom necessities. Plus, each child will get a new uniform for them to wear with pride. As always, 100% of any donation goes directly to our projects.

You have the chance to make a real impact to these children’s futures. We’re determined to not let them down, so if you’d like to join us then you can donate here.

Alternatively, you could aid us in our mission by browsing our wonderful shop.


Purchasing this desk is also a fantastic way to celebrate World Fair Trade Day as it will be hand-made by a local and very talented carpenter who did an amazing job at building the beds for our orphanage. Clearly, this depicts our dedication to ensuring that trade delivers sustainable livelihoods, here at #MadeWithHope.

What you’ll get: Your name will be scribed onto the desk and you will receive a photo of the children using it. You will also get your name painted on the school on our ‘Wall Of Generosity’.

If you would like to get involved please check out our website and browse through our shop which you can find here:

Let’s fight back against Malaria!


How do Made with Hope protect the children in our orphanage from mosquitoes?

Across the world today, on the 25th of April, the world is turning its attention to the devastating killer disease Malaria. For many of us, this international day is necessary to draw our attention to it, but for 3.2 billion people (almost half of the world population) who are at risk everyday, unfortunately this is always at the forefront of their minds.

In 2015 there were 214 million cases, and 438 000 deaths from Malaria. Despite these shocking statistics, it isn’t all bad news as the global malaria mortality rate decreased by an incredible 60% in 2000 – 15! This highlights the importance of our recognition and involvement to work towards the ultimate goal and #endmalaria.

Made with Hope is committed to creating a healthy life for the children of the orphanage, and therefore #worldmalariaday is highly relevant to the charity! Below are just a few ways in which we have helped the children to avoid the mosquitoes which carry and transmit the lethal disease…

  1. The supply of clothing to cover up their skin
  2. Provided them with shelter: This is particularly effective between dusk and dawn where mosquito are most active
  3. Given them a safe and reliable water source: This means that the children are no longer forced to go the open water holes, where mosquitoes commonly hover, decreasing their chances of contracting the disease


As you can see, Made with Hope has already made a significant impact in helping the beautiful children in the orphanage to prevent malaria and help them live safer, happier, lives as all children should!

If you would like to help us to continue our incredibly important, life-saving work, then please head over to our website to read more.

Every donation makes a huge difference to the lives of these beautiful children!