Back To School

So it’s that imagestime of year again; Summer’s coming to a close, and the new school year is quickly approaching. Typically, this period is met with mixed emotions from students who may be busy excitedly shopping for new stationary whilst also wishing their summer break could last forever!

Among all this, it’s important to recognise that not all children have the privilege of an education. In fact, only 30% of Tanzanian children attend secondary school. Although this may seem appealing over here, where the focus is often on socializing with friends or watching TV during our spare time, this is not the case with the students at CHETI Primary school. They are in love with their school and are eager to learn at any time of the day!

Unfortunately, when the children have graduated from Primary school (usually around 14 years old) they have to consider committing to the 8km journey to a local government school which is overcrowded and has a low quality of education. They often choose to stay at home and work because the journey, especially in rainy season, is so difficult.


Here at #MadeWithHope we are now working towards our new project ‘Let Us Learn’. Education is vital to a prosperous future, and for that reason we are working towards our goal of raising £20,000 to build a strong, sustainable school.

It will be kitted out with desks, learning equipment, stationary and all the other classroom necessities. Plus, each child will get a new uniform for them to wear with pride.

If you feel like getting involved and helping these children face a brighter future, please visit our shop. Here, you will have the opportunity to buy some of the equipment which will be used by these wonderful children when the secondary school is up and running!

As always, 100% any donation goes directly to our projects, and we’d love to hear about it in the comments section below if you do decide to get involved or purchase anything from our shop.



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